What is Kinesis?

OnetoOne is one of select facilities in South Florida which offers Kinesis Therapy. Kinesis is a training modality to focus on balance, flexibility and stability. Each of these elements is trained together to optimize physical strength and endurance. Kinesis will improve your ability and efficiency in performing your daily activities and your quality of life.

Kinesis™ the Greek word for movement, is a revolutionary program that utilizes the world’s most advanced, forward thinking fitness equipment. Kinesis™ stands alone in its ability to combine strength, flexibility and balance conditioning, concurrently, in a single exercise.


The Kinesis Design

Kinesis is a cable pulley system that allows free and natural movement. It was designed by Technogym to promote a new way to strength train and bring people closer to functional physical activity.


Benefits of Kinesis

  1. Kinesis training engages the mind and body simultaneously, enabling you to achieve inner balance and harmony while providing you with a whole body fitness experience. Kinesis is designed to fit you, not the other way around. Its benefits are therefore much greater and provide a better return on your fitness investment.
  2. Improves coordination, strength, flexibility and cardiovascular function. Your body will respond to 3-dimensional, 360 degree conditioning, improving your athletic performance and everyday physical activity.
  3. Improves neuromuscular control of muscles. This will improve joint range of motion over different planes, allowing more efficient motion. Moving efficiently reduces incidence of injury and gives you a greater sense of confidence.
  4. Improves power transfer through the body, which is great for golfers, tennis players and many other athletes.
  5. Improves overall performance and total body awareness, whether you are a beginner or a professional athlete. Giving attention to your stability and balance as you move facilitates the connection between mind and body, thereby improving the quality of life.
  6. These key benefits provide a workout experience unlike any other because there are unlimited training possibilities.


Areas of use

Sport Specific

Kinesis allows our trainers to incorporate plyometrics into movements. The 360 degree rotational heads allow popular movements such as swinging a golf club or baseball bat, kicking a soccer ball, passing a football, shooting a basketball and more! Each movement requires the athlete to engage their core, improving their strength and endurance and preventing injury.


Daily Living Activities

Kinesis will improve overall dexterity and strength, making daily activities easier. Movements can be performed to focus on proper lifting techniques, getting up from a chair or flexibility. By taking this proactive approach, you will decrease the chance of injury.


Injury Rehabilitation

The fluid motion of the Kinesis cables and the constant resistance provides the perfect combination to rehabilitate past or present injuries. With the use of Kinesis, the user is able to easily identify weaknesses in their body. Due to the use of double weight stacks attached to each cable, weaknesses in strength, balance or range of motion can be recognized. Movements in Kinesis are fluid and functional and will help strengthen the injured area and keep the rest of the body conditioned.


Why is Kinesis so Unique?

  • allows for more than 550 different movements
  • uses same principles as Pilates
  • is possible to burn 30 percent more calories with Kinesis than traditional weight training
  • each movement engages the core muscles to further stabilize the body
  • 360-degree movements can be performed to enhance flexibility and dynamic strength
  • no set up required
  • resistance is fluid and constant, and can be increased by stepping away from the wall
  • movements are designed to engage multiple muscles, which limits the amount spent working out
  • yoga exercises can be performed using Kinesis
  • plyometrics can be performed to increase power and strength


What our Kinesis patients can expect?

A qualified OnetoOne Kinesis instructor will lead you through a new fitness experience. Kinesis will allow you to perform your rehabilitation exercises within your ability and beyond. The Kinesis wall allows our physical therapist to work on improving patient mobility, strength and flexibility all at once.


How does Kinesis rehabilitation differ from other rehabilitation methods?

When you train with traditional equipment, you are usually supported by a bench and perform movements in isolated patterns. Kinesis training emphasizes movements and applies the principle of integrated fitness. This allows the patients muscles to work together enhancing ones abilities to perform tasks with greater ease.