Our Team

Henry Penagos

Henry Penagos, PT Tech

What do you like about working at One to One?

Being able to work on patients through functional and sports related exercises/movements.


What do you strive to do each day for patients and fellow co- workers to make it a better day for them?

Make each patient smile and laugh no matter how the day is. If I am able to take a patient from being unhappy and pain free for the day, then my day is a good one.


What do you do for fun?

Soccer, Beach Volleyball,Hiking, Marathons, Going to the beach and any other outdoor adventure.


Tell us about your family and the greatest moment you experienced with them:

My family is extremely loving and supportive with anything as long as I give it 150% effort and has always driven to do my best. They always displayed the ultimate love in the most endearing way. They have taught me to always work hard and be disciplined with whatever I do. The greatest moment I experienced with them is very moment I have spent with them. I do not have better moment than others because every moment I have spend with them is a honor and blessing that I thank God everyday that I was able to be with them.