Our Team

Loudemilla Alfred

Loudemilla Alfred, Billing Specialist

What do you like about working at One to One?

I appreciate that One to One has a zero tolerance for negativity and an open door policy. Your voice will not be dismissed and any issues or concerns will be addressed. It feels great to know that you are not alone. I love to work in a positive environment with colleagues who are respectful, dedicated, and full of energy. I always look forward to waking up in the each and every morning excited to be at work.

What do you strive to do each day for patients and fellow co- workers to make it a better day for them?

I strive to provide patients and fellow co-workers with accurate information the first time around to make it a better day for them. First impression is everything. It’s not a positive outlook for patients and fellow co-workers to be confused or misunderstand information provided to them from the finance department. Proper clarification from the finance department plays a vital role in the daily activities at One to One. I would like for our patients to be able to focus on the healing process with our skilled therapists instead of financial issues. I come in everyday to make sure each patient visit is submitted to the insurance carriers correctly the first time with no errors in a timely fashion. I strive for these claims to be are paid accordingly by the insurance carriers and any discrepancy are resolved promptly. This indeed will be a smooth transition for the front desk staff and our therapists treating the patients with proper one-to-one hands-on attention. 

What do you do for fun?

My lovely four children take up a lot of my free time outside of the normal business work hours. It’s never a dull moment in my home. I have three gorgeous girls and one handsome son that I love dearly. They are the main reason why I am dedicated to becoming a very successful woman. My husband and I spend our weekends singing karaoke from the comfort of our home with the children, going to the movies, family events, playing outside activities, and just being home watching our children impress us everyday. My husband and children always brings a smile on my face. Family is everything for me and they are a part of my many accomplishments.

Tell us about your family and the greatest moment you experienced with them:

My immediate family is large. My mother is the oldest of 13 siblings, therefore, I have many aunts, uncles, and cousins. My greatest moment I’ve experience with my family besides my husband and lovely 4 children, is traveling to my parents homeland Haiti during the celebration of mother’s city, Laincourt. The city is full of tourists, famous Haitian artists, soccer games, all day and night club parties, and many of my cousins from all over the world are visiting as well. I guess you can call it a semi-small family reunion in Haiti. Its an enjoyable moment with the family. We all reside at my grandparents big 10 bedroom three-story home as a big happy family. The day I married my husband was the happiest day of my life and the extension of my family grew even bigger. Now, I’m beyond spoiled and surrounded by an enormous amount of love.