Our Team

Megan Osborn

Megan Osborn, Incoming Call Specialist

What do you like about working at One to One?

I feel appreciated and I’m always learning something new! My managers also care about me and want me to strive for success!!


What do you strive to do each day for patients and fellow co- workers to make it a better day for them?

I try to be understanding and a good person!


What do you do for fun?

I love to take my Labrador to the dog park and wine and dine! I also love to just chill and watch my shows!!


Tell us about your family and the greatest moment you experienced with them:

My mom is one of seven so I have a lot of cousins that I grew up with! My whole family is super close and I love it! Family is everything! I am an only child so me and my mom are best friends! The greatest moment was growing up playing travel softball!! We had tournaments every weekend and stayed in hotels all over Florida! Best time of my life!