Our Team

Daniel Sage

Daniel Sage, CEO, PT

What do you like about working at One to One?

I love what the company purpose is. Our purpose is to help our patients feel better and enjoy their lives. We handle our patients with the utmost respect and motivate them to get better. Our job is to help our patients feel better mentally, as well as physically. We do that by making our patients feel special, we treat them with kindness and work hard to put a smile on their face. Our entire team is committed to this patient experience. Not only do we take care of our patients, we take care of each other. We are a group that works together and nurtures a positive environment for each other. It is a group that is “all in” and committed to excellence. I love my team!!

What do you strive to do each day for patients and fellow co- workers to make it a better day for them?

My goal as the CEO is to push our purpose and protect our culture which is a team that is dedicated to our patients, as well as each other. I commit to my group through providing daily training to help them be the best they can be. The result is a team that does whatever it takes to help patients and each other. Now our goal is to expand our vision and culture into other markets.

What do you do for fun?

I love the band U2, my wife and I love to travel to different cities to see them. We go skiing every year to Park City, Utah and we love to go to New York City. Broadway shows and of course, the BEST pizza on the planet. I commit myself to daily training to be the best I can be through working with Grant Cardone and Tony Robbins.

Tell us about your family and the greatest moment you experienced with them:

I have been married for 15 years to my beautiful wife, Mary Jo. We both have identical twins and my wife and I are left handed and our twins are right handed. We have 2 girls Brooke and Madison. They are full of life and are go getters. I love them very much. The greatest moment I have experienced as a father has been the birth of both my daughters. My life changed forever at both those moments and I will always remember that feeling when I held them for the first time.