Why Choose Us

About us

OnetoOne Physical Therapy is number one with patients. Through the years, OnetoOne Physical Therapy has grown from physician referrals to patients referring friends and family members. That’s important to us because it means we’re providing the kind of effective, hands-on care that people trust.

We take great pride in providing the technical advancements and personal care to diagnose, test and treat patients recovering from the pain and physical limitation caused by injuries, accidents and illnesses. That’s probably why doctors don’t just send us their patients; they send their friends and families- and even trust us for their own physical therapy.



We care, and we show it!

When you step through our door you will experience the compassion, positive attitude, and hands-on approach we bring to our job everyday. We’re enthusiastic, motivated and positive with every patient who steps into our facility. You’ll find that when the going gets tough, we’re there, right beside you, every step of the way along your path to recovery.